Heathmont Pool Project

Design & Construction.

We have been designing swimming pools, spas and landscaping for over 15 years and take great pride in what we do. There are several stages of the design with the first step is to carry out a site inspection. It is the stage where I inspect your future pool location and take the appropriate measurements and levels. From there we sit down and work through what you want to achieve out of the swimming pool and surrounding landscaping. There are numerous ways to down load your ideas to me including your wish list, my photos, glossy magazine photos are all items we can use to give me an idea of what style of pool/landscaping you are looking for. I take a fair bit of time at this process as everyone’s idea of a swimming pool and landscaping is different. The next part I call the “crayon” drawing.

The “crayon” drawing is a concept drawing from what we have been talking about. This is a 2-D sketch to show what your pool and landscaping can look like. From this drawing I can quote the pool construction for you. I have included a few sketches to show you how the pools can evolve from a rough sketch to become your dream pool.

From the crayon drawing stage we go the next level being the computer design stage where a more precise and accurate measurement is drawn. These drawings lift the pool from a 2-D drawing to a 3-D drawing which gives you a more insightful aspect. From these drawings we produce a working drawing that is given to the engineer to have the swimming pool individually computated for your specific site conditions. Even at this stage the design can be easily changed.

Once the design has finalized and the relevant engineering has been implemented, we look at starting the construction of your project. By now you will be very familiar with the pool design and we set out that design ready for the excavation. By designing the pool in this manner it gives us the chance for the pool to evolve and make subtle changes to the design to make your pool more personalized rather than selected from a brochure.

As mentioned above each pool has its own set of computations. We then set the pool out and excavate the swimming pool to the required size and depths. The steel is delivered and the steel fixers begin to form the steel cage that is the back bone of your pool’s integrity. Once the steel fixers are finished and independent inspection takes place to ensure Australian Standards have been met. Once inspected we spray the super strong concrete to form the shell of your swimming pool. At this stage your pool really comes alive and transforms form a “crayon” drawing to your dream pool.  This is one the stages I love building pools due to the excitement of the family to see some real progress and evolution of the pool.

Installation & Completion.

Now that the concrete shell has been installed we are now in the finishing off and accessory stages. The beauty of selecting a concrete pool is that decisions on colours, finishes etc. can be left to this stage as now you have something tangible in your yard. At this point we install and pressure test all pressure pipe for pool plumbing and plant equipment e.g. pumps, filters. Solar heating is installed on your roof and any auxiliary heating is connected. Paving and coping material is installed around your pool and interior options are finalized and installed. At this stage your pool is looking fairly smart and ready to go. Next step water. Once the swimming pool has been filled we carry out a hand over which consists of us conditioning your pool’s water ready to swim. We make a convenient time to teach you how to use your new pride and joy. Most of the time 15% goes into the memory bank so we give you the reigns for 2 weeks and make another time to do a 2nd hand over which normally answers any questions.