[ut_two_thirds] With over 14 years in the swimming industry I have seen a lot of different types of swimming pools being installed. The one type of installation that is heads above the rest in my opinion is fully reinforced concrete pools.

Concrete pools have the versatility that provides adjustable sizes and depths, instead of set dimensions of a pre made pool. With adjustable sizes and depths we can design concrete pools to be safe, practible and more comfortable with the inclusion of specially designed beach areas and swim out ledges.

The first process of choosing a pool company is to get quoting. As mentioned above there is a number of pool construction methods all with their pros and cons. With so many styles it can be a little confusing on which way to go as they all look great on websites and brochures etc., however the question is “What type of pool is right for me?” I’m not here to throw mud at my competitors and pool types, just to give you the good oil on concrete pools.

Please keep in mind to quote/design a concrete swimming pool generally takes longer than the other style of pools due to the varying nature of a concrete pool. Things like positioning the shallow end which incorporates a beach area to take in a particular view all come into play and are worth the time to develop. We take into consideration which way is north and which way the prevailing wind comes from to position skimmer boxes and pool returns for maximum water flow efficiency. Unfortunately I see potential customers picking a mould from a brochure that fits 80% of their dreams and wants, however when the water is in it’s the 20% that doesn’t meet their expectations that they keep seeing.

Any size, any shape, any depth, countless variants of colors and interior styles, no need for cranes for installation are just some of the reasons why we have decided to build concrete pools. Have you ever been on holidays and loved a certain part of a resort pool for some reason? A quirky ledge or centre depth for playing sports in the pool for example can all be incorporated into your design.

Value? A mighty big question when you’re about to make a vast investment. The age old question, “Does a pool add value to your home?” There is a saying I heard once “What is appealing about a hole full of water, a bit of concrete and a fence? The answer is nothing. Yet when you look through real estate magazines if there is a nice attractive pool it will feature highly in its advertising. So there is a difference between a mediocre pool and a pool that features. The point I am trying to make is that I just don’t want to drop a pool over your back fence I want to make a master piece.

Concrete pools have proven to be a reliable and cost effective way of building pools as each pool is independently inspected by a certified Building Surveyor to ensure that the pools are installed to industry and Australian Standards. Our swimming pools can vary from a basic plunge pool, to the family pool/spa combination right through to the pool being the support for the house. For this reason we have chosen to have each pool to be individually engineered by a Certified Engineer to ensure that each pool is specifically computated for the conditions at your property, instead of using a generic computation.

Once again there are pros and cons about all types of swimming pool construction methods so ask “what pool is right for me”. Listen carefully to your designer for ideas and also what is not included. Good luck and look forward to chatting to you soon.

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