[ut_two_thirds] The joy that I see on families faces as their pool evolves is priceless. The beauty of choosing a reinforced concrete swimming pool is the ability to create an individual masterpiece, which is as unique as the family we are building it for. With 14 years pool / landscape designing experience I pride myself on designing something that just doesn’t turn heads, but is practical to a family’s needs. The simple addition of a strategically positioned beach area or swim out ledge can make all the difference to a pool’s dynamics.

The first process of deciding of what type of pool you will install is to get some quotes. Although it can be a little daunting listen to all the ideas that the potential builders are giving you. The reason for this is that the way I design pools is not out of a catalogue. A lot of the pools I design are snippets of ideas put together to evolve into a dream pool. These ideas might come from a pool magazine, a friend’s pool, an overseas holiday that had a pool that had that “I loved that corner” to have a refreshment in. The biggest amount of negative feedback from people with a pool ordered and installed from a brochure is the “should have, could have” scenario. “Steps on the wrong side of the pool, water depths not deep enough” is a common theme.

Once we have designed your pool and the fine tuning has gone on we start the fun stuff. The construction. The kids are normally a good sign of success and whether the design is a thumbs up, or very rarely thumbs down. When they come home from school and see the excavation of the swimming pool that has been sculpted to their design, and they can now visualize lounging in that beach area that we had been talking about. This is the stage their dream starts to become a reality.

A few days later and the concrete shell has been sprayed to the individual shape and contour requested. A simple concept and drawing has now turned into a tangible object that family and friends can now walk in, touch and appreciate the personal touches we have incorporated in their pool. At this point because there is something actual in their backyard, the finishing touches such as landscaping, lighting and plants can now be foreseen and planned.

With the final stages completed the realization that they have made the correct decision to install a custom Urban Swimming Pool becomes evident. This is when I see that gleam in the families eyes, that they have not only created a masterpiece in their backyard, but a masterpiece that has been designed, fine tuned and built to suit them.

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