pool renovations melbourne

We offer a full service pool renovation service. Much the same as out normal construction service, we will custom design your new pool renovation based on your needs and your individual property.

Our renovation process is as follows:

We conduct an initial consultation to establish your needs and wants for your new pool.

Depending on the extent of the renovation, we may:

  • Conduct a simple pool drain, clean up, re fill and chemically treat the pool
  • If it’s a full renovation, it may may consist of replacing interior with new rendered finish or fully tiling
  • Upgrade or replace pumps and filters with latest technology (variable speed pumps, much cheaper to run than standard pumps)
  • Upgrade to chemical dosing systems/salt generators which replaces out dated manual dosing systems
  • Replacing or up dating existing landscaping and pool surrounds
  • Replacing existing pool fencing to meet current Australian standards.
  • Replacing/adding solar heating to pool.
  • Upgrading/adding multi-coloured L.E.D. lights, lot more effective and cheaper than halogen lights.
  • Once again can be a one stop shop with a renovation/landscape package.
  • Fixing leaks in pools e.g. pressure test to establish broken pipe and then fix.
  • Same as new pools soon as filled chemically treat and teach customer how to care and maintain pool.