[ut_two_thirds]You are at that contemplating stage of building a pool in your back yard and are looking for suitable companies to entrust the job to. You have just Googled “Swimming Pools Melbourne” and what do you see. A list of about 2,920,000 results pop up of possible builders then that question, “Who do I call?”

Swimming Pools Melbourne is a very general term so let’s break it down a little bit with a few questions.

“Swimming Pools Melbourne” – How big is the company? Are they too big, get lost in the crowd.

“Swimming Pools Melbourne” – Are they too small, not enough experience.

“Swimming Pools Melbourne” – What type of pools do they build? Concrete, fiberglass, vinyl liner.

“Swimming Pools Melbourne” – Do they do the work themselves or do they micro manage from the office and send the troops out?

I hope I haven’t added to the confusion however there are a lot of questions to be asked before giving the reins over to a company to build your dream pool.[/ut_two_thirds][ut_one_third_last]  

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